SWasteneySandi has been involved in LLCT for several years. She enjoys being a part of productions, especially as a Director for children’s shows and summer camps. Sandi teaches group fitness classes and is a Personal Trainer at her studio, Balanced Fitness, in Spokane Valley. She volunteers as a youth sports coach, and genuinely loves working with children. Sandi has worked on and chaired various event planning and fundraising committees. She was honored to be elected as President of LLCT and looks forward to her continued local community involvement.



Vice President

AHagansAngela Hagans has been involved with theatre for as long as she can remember. Trained in a wide variety of theatrical skills, and elements, she has appeared in productions such as "Big River", "Ten Little Indians", "Puff the Magic Dragon", and "The Skin of our Teeth". A summer internship with Walt Disney World Resort and Parks changed Angie's focus to directing and writing, leading her to take a position within the Besty Royale casting agency while finishing her degree. After graduating from Goucher College in 2009 with a BA in Theatre and Communications & Media Studies, Angie stumbled upon children's theatre and hasn't looked back since! Angie served as director for Red Branch Theatre's western Maryland division, producing junior shows such as "Seussical", "Annie", "Aladdin", "Grease", and "Legally Blonde". She moved to Washington from Maryland in 2014 and continues to add a little east coast flavor to everything she's involved with. Angie is thoroughly excited to be a part of the LLCT Board and all the fanciful creativity that will undoubtedly ensue.




Shannon Deonier is a life long Spokane Valley resident.  She graduated from Eastern Washington University with Summa Cum Laude in 1991 with a Degree in Anthropology, and Gonzaga School of Law Summa Cum Laude in 2001.  Shannon has been involved in local theater since her son started acting in 2013.  She has served as treasurer for other local theaters in the area for many years.  Currently, Shannon is a private practice attorney in the Spokane Valley.  After working at two law firms, she opened her own office in February, 2016. Shannon is looking forward to getting involved in the theatre and community of Liberty Lake.


This position is currently vacant.  If you are interested in applying please email info(at) More information about the 1 of 5 voting board positions below:


(c) Secretary—maintains minutes of meetings and committee assignments, collects and distributes incoming email correspondence, drafts and distributes outgoing correspondence, manages organization calendar and contacts, is responsible for filing, notifies Board members of meetings and schedules special guests at Board meetings, and Maintains current bylaws.


Elections for the Board of Directors will take place at the August quarterly meeting every year...During odd-ending years, elections will be held for Vice President and Secretary. Terms for Board positions will be two years beginning September 1 following the respective election. No member who is an officer of another community theatre group may be eligible for membership on the Board of Directors of Liberty Lake Community Theatre.


Meetings of the Board of Directors will be held on a quarterly basis and may coincide with general public meetings... Meetings are generally held on the first Sunday of the first month of each quarter.


BBergman.jpgBrian Bergman took on the role of co-facility coordinator and has since then helped rebuild the stage, design and construct the lobby renovation, and continues to help modify the auditorium as needed (or the board desires). He has run tech for several productions. Bergman has no desire to be on the stage, but you can often catch him starring at his local karaoke bar. He enjoys watching the theatre grow and transform with each show and providing his support to the community theatre with his many trade attributes.

Brian works closely with the Co-Facilities Coordinator, Rick Pentland, to ensure safety and quality standards are met for building renovations and set design. He enjoys working along with the Set Deisgners, Jennifer Bergman and Mitzi Boren, to create some new for each show.




Jeanette Nall (2015-2018) Treasurer

Jeanette Nall is retired USAF veteran.  She grew up in No Hollywood CA, and was involved in theatre from infancy.  Her grandfather Ken Mayer was an actor both in film and stage and Jeanette often found herself backstage with him or performing at charity events.  Jeanette lettered at Simi Valley High in drama.  After graduation she headed to college in Minnesota with the intention to major in drama, but soon changed her major to business.  When the gulf war began Jeanette decided to enlist in the air force where she was trained as an aerospace physiology instructor.  During her time in the Air Force Jeanette earned a master's degree in finance.  When Jeanette retired to liberty lake she encouraged her youngest daughter Grace to become involved in LLCT.  Jeanette was instrumental in building the LLCT concession and box office counter.

Nick Kittilstved (2015-2017)

Nick Kittilstved has not been involved in theatre long, but over the last two years, he has jumped headfirst into it. Between acting, directing, and even writing for the Liberty Lake Theatre, he has dipped his toes into almost every facet of the theatre...except one. Now he is taking on his most important role yet playing the part of Vice President of the United States of America, uh hem, I mean Vice President of the Liberty Lake Theatre. His first order of business: renaming the theatre, "Nick Kittilstved's Theatre for Performing Works That Showcase the Many Talents of Nick Kittilstved." Trademark pending. He is thrilled to work with all of the great people at the Liberty Lake Theatre and to keep meeting new people in and around the community.

In his off time, Nick enjoys playing and listening to music, reading, and being a layabout. He can be found nearly every weekend at the movie theatre and is typically unavailable during Oscar season. He lives with his beautiful wife, Mikayla.

Rick Pentland (2015-2017)

Rick Pentland has been with LLCT for a few years. He has worked as a stage hand, building sets and props for several shows. He also has some experience in Tech as well as assistant directing. He prefers to be behind the scenes. He refers to himself as a "Jack of all trades." He is very excited to be taking on a new roll in the Board and can't wait to be an integral part of the theatre.

Mikayla Ludiker Kittilstved (2015-2017)

Mikayla Ludiker is a bibliophile, amateur envelope maker, and bluegrass enthusiast. Mikayla has a degree in English literature (but no immediate plans to put it to good use); a large, loving family in Idaho; a collection of Nancy Drew paraphernalia; and an elusive and entirely imaginary cat. She has been known to appear with local bands No Going Back and The Damn Near Departed, but never at the same time. Mikayla lives with her swain Nick.

Charlotte DiCicco (2014-2016)

Charlotte DiCicco became involved in this theatre several years ago when her husband, Dan, was cast in "Burgertown".  She started out sewing and altering costumes, then assisted with tickets and concessions.  Eventually she says her bossy side came out and she decided to just be in control of all volunteers period.  In addition to coordinating volunteers for all productions, she helps with set construction and painting, decorating, cleaning, and whatever needs done for other theatre events.  She might even try her hand at acting someday -- when the "right" part comes along.

Jean Simpson (2013 - 2015)

Since her supposed midlife crisis in 2009, Jean Simpson has not only developed characters in over nine productions with the Liberty Lake Theatre, but she has been an active member on the Board of Directors for two years.

Among the roles she filled on stage, Jean performed as a princess, pirate, nun, ghost, English novelist, witch and most fitting an actress. In each part she was able to add her own pizzazz bringing the characters to life, while also allowing each of the unique casts to get to know more about the individual behind the costume.

For years she was known as the cookie lady at Safeway, but for many she is known for much more. It seemed appropriate that in the last weeks of being an active board member, Jean implement a cookie station at the theatre. Next time you are at the theatre, we hope you are able to enjoy a freshly baked warm chocolate chunk cookie and think of Jean and how this amazing woman has impacted your life.

Simpson says the Liberty Lake Theatre has been a fun way to meet people and make a bigger family. Just because she isn't on the Board of Directors does not mean she won't still be a prominent figure at the theatre. We look forward to seeing her in many more productions, helping with events, and hearing her laugh while attending shows!

Kevin Kuecken (2008-2015)

Kevin began acting at the age of eight. He has been in over 40 full stage productions. Kuecken was also a member of the Kingman Community Theatre and Kingman Dinner Theatre Players for five years. His favorite role was Jerry in Edward Albee's "The Zoo Story." Kuecken performed in many well known plays including "Grease," "South Pacific," "MASH" and "The Mousetrap." He took a 15 year hiatus (please don't do the math on his age) from the theatre, but has been thrilled to be involved again! No stranger to food services, Kevin can stuff a mean popcorn bag!

Prior to holding the position of Treasurer, Kevin was the Chairman of Production on the Liberty Lake Theatre Board of Directors. Kevin has performed in over a dozen plays since 2008 at LLCT. In fact, he was the first Director for LLCT and has been involved and a board member since before the nonprofit group was even formed.

Kevin helped build the first stage. He traveled with the theatre before we had an official space of our own. We have seen him laugh, cry, sleep, sweat, bleed and grow. He has become a part of many families. He has taught us so much over the seven years he was a Board Member and he will forever be a part of the Liberty Lake Theatre.

We would like to thank Kevin, for his many years of service, dedication, hard work and commitment. Through hard times, Kevin was sometimes one of the only to show up to volunteer. He has filled many roles, worn several hats, and played many parts. And while he may no longer hold a title on the Board of Directors, we look forward to many more productions with him in the cast and on stage! We love you Kevin and know this is still only the beginning of your experiences in the Liberty Lake Theatre.

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Vicki Weaver (2010-2014)

Chairman at Large, Vicki Weaver, has been with LLCT for about three years, having previously appeared in Rented Christmas, Check Please, Burgertown, and The Chalk Garden, and Hit the Road Jack.  She directed LLCT's first Reader's Theatre production, Anne of Green Gables, earlier this spring.

When she isn’t prescribing laughter on stage with LLCT Vicki is prescribing medications as a Primary Care Physician.  If she is half a good physician as she is an actress then look out cancer because Dr. Weaver is gunning for you.

Vicki loves everything about theatre and encourages anyone interested to give it a try.  She thanks her family for their never ending patience and support of her theatre habit.

Tracey Cavanagh (2008-2013)

Secretary, Tracy Cavanagh works at Itron and lives in Liberty Lake with her husband and their two young daughters. They moved to the area from Boise, Idaho as part of a “federal” relocation program.  Its very hush-hush.  It would be very hush-puppy, but they can’t have dogs in their new home. While Cavanagh has never worked in theatre, she enjoys attending theatre and sometimes even staying to watch the show! Tracy has also enjoyed learning more about starting a non-profit organization.  It turns out starting a non-profit organization is a lot like starting a real business except you don’t make any money and to be considered successful you have to just keep your doors open.  Cavanagh thinks the group will benefit the community and enrich the lives of the people that live in Liberty Lake.   


JBergman.jpgJennifer Bergman has been involved in theatre since early grade school.  Prior to Liberty Lake Community Theatre her favorite role was in high school in "The Night of the Living Beauty Pageant." 

Not only was she President from 2008-2018, but after moving to Liberty Lake and finding no theatre to get involved in, Bergman took it upon herself to form the group.  Since forming the community theatre, Bergman has done an amazing job directing plays, producing the improv troupe, managing the organization, raising funds, and even acting!  She balances all of this with a full-time job, four pets, and two fantastic daughters.  She ran the theatre while also trying to renovate her house with endless projects, and trying to visit her family in Pasco as often as possible.

Her favorite part about theatre is the new friends she meets and family that they become to her. Having a constant project to work on gives her purpose and keeps her connected to the community she loves and considers home.

She encourages everyone to give acting a chance at least once. 

"The stage isn't only a great place to build lasting bonds with new friends, but it also teaches you a lot about yourself!" ~ Jennifer Bergman

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