Play in a Day is an exciting, challenging, and fun workshop where participants devise, direct and act in a 15 minute play that they perform for family and friends. In just one afternoon, we work together to create and perform a unique play! Using workshop games and activities, participants are encouraged to work as a team, explore the topic, and take full ownership of their work. The theatre provides props, costumes and maybe even music to add finishing touches to what is always a wonderful day. This should be a very memorable and educational experience!

Play in a Day is a recurring monthly workshop at the Liberty Lake Theatre that takes place on the last Saturday of each month.

Who is best to attend: Anyone with a passion for having fun, working with others, and putting on a performance is invited to register for our Play in a Day. All participants need to be at least 8 years old and/or be able to read with minimal assistance.

The performance should last around one hour (15 minutes per group). We like to give the opportunity for the group to share their work with the whole community, and we encourage you to invite their friends and family to watch for free!

Please ensure your child has had a good lunch before the workshop. It's a good idea to send a snack and plenty of water along with your child. This is a physical workshop, so we ask that participants wear comfortable clothes and soft-soled shoes.

We teach children how to read books but not how to read their own writing… Unless we show children how to read their own writing, their work will not improve. –Donald Graves

Characteristics of Play in a Day:

  • The entire process takes place between meals. Your child will become a playwright and performer before dinner.
  • Works are written and performed by small groups of students.
  • Scripts are used openly in performance. Set pieces and costuming are minimal.

Characteristics of an Effective Reader:

  • Contributes and listens to ideas when collaborating 
  • Uses a simple theme or idea as the basis for a story 
  • Is a good conversationalist 
  • Can identify and express emotion 

Characteristics of an Effective Reader:

  • Reads with expression, proper emphasis, and clear enunciation, using his/her voice effectively to convey meaning.
  • Projects to the audience.
  • Is familiar with the part and able to read it fluently.
  • Paces himself/herself effectively.
  • Uses props, when employed, effectively (the script is a prop).
  • Demonstrates poise and self-confidence.

Educational Aspects of Play in a Day:

  • Students experience firsthand the entire process of playwriting and playacting, from drafting to performing. They practice and reinforce many of the elements of effective writing they learn in school, including plot, setting, character, and dialogue. 
  • Play in a Day blends students’ desire to perform with their need for oral reading practice. Reading their own writing out loud helps them identify and correct problems. 
  • Students learn basic elements of stagecraft, which may include costuming, makeup, set design, and lighting. By watching other groups perform, they also practice good theatre etiquette. 
  • Students make connections between art and their everyday lives. They are able to access and express emotions and connect with others, which leads to a lifelong relationship with the arts. 
  • Bonus: Students get a self-confidence boost when they perform their own work for friends and family.
If you would like to fill out your forms before arriving please download both forms from below. You will need one per participant.

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