Mission Statement

The Mission of The Liberty Lake Community Theatre’s Teen Board is to encourage teen students to become active theatre patrons through the promotion of acting, volunteerism, and participation in the theatre, and to assist the theatre both in developing and implementing programs which serve local teens. The Liberty Lake Theatre recognizes its duty in promoting and creating a teen-friendly environment that is essential in sustaining a healthy, thriving community. To uphold this responsibility, the Teen Board aims to give the theatre a new perspective on youth and youth a new perspective on theatre.

What is the Teen Board?

The Teen Board is a group of dedicated students who are interested in making a difference at the Liberty Lake Community Theatre. Teen Board members play a critical role in developing the theatre’s teen events, young adult outreach, event planning and marketing, and making the theatre a friendlier place for young adults.

Teen Board membership is a commitment of time; meetings are once a month for two hours. Members will earn community service credit and will have a direct impact on the young adult involvement of the theatre. Teen Board members are considered advocates for the theatre and are subject to a code of conduct. For more information contact info(at)libertylaketheatre.com.


• Must be a middle or high school student.
• Must be willing to commit 2 hours once a month for meetings.
• Must be willing to volunteer 5 hours every year in the theatre or participate in 1 event a month, not including a production.
• Must enjoy working in a team environment.
• Must be interested in the theatre and improving theatrical opportunities for teens.
• Must attend at least 5 theatre programs yearly.


• Meetings begin on time.
• Sign in and out of events to record volunteer hours.
• Participate fully; turn all electronic devices off.
• Respect the volunteers, each other, and the theatre.
• Attend meetings. After three unexcused absences, a member will lose their position.
• Attend as many theatre programs as possible and help with the setup and cleanup.
• Teen Board members will be voted in by the current Teen Board.
• Be a responsible theatre patron and a role model at LLCT and other theatre functions; act in a way that reflects positively on the Liberty Lake Community Theatre.
• Be an advocate. Promote participation and involvement at the theatre.

Teen Board Members

President - Grance Nall
Vice President - Tyler Degenstein
Secretary - Kat Hicks
Treasurer - Frances Morgan
Marketing - Rachel Kimberly

Members:  Kendall Boren, Marlee Eldridge