Direction in 2018

September 03, 2018 at 3:19 PM

Congratulations to the newly elected Board of Directors of Liberty Lake Community Theatre!  As of September 1st, and after ten years, the theatre has a new President!  


We are happy to welcome Sandi Wasteney, who has served on the Board and been involved in the theatre for over three years.  You may have seen her at the Liberty Lake Theatre summer camps, or at her studio, Balanced Fitness, in Spokane Valley. In fact, Sandi directed the first production of the season, The Jungle Book (readers theatre). Visit our Facebook page for more information. 


We also have two amazing and talented women sharing the position of Vice President, Angie Hagans and River Hopkins. Angie has also been involved in the theatre for several years, and has made quite the impact on our teen and youth programs. If you are interested in getting involved or want to join the Teen Board, please contact us at info(at) River is new to the Board, but far from new to theatre. She acts, she directs, she stage manages, and now she votes (or at least shares a vote with Angie)! River is directing the upcoming Broadway musical, James and the Giant Peach Jr - check out our website for more information. 


Shannon Deonier has served as Treasurer at other local theatres, but now we are lucky to have her carrying the heavy responsibilities in our house. Shannon is a private practice attorney in Spokane Valley and is looking forward to getting involved in our community theatre. 


Re-elected for another term, Brian Bergman will serve two more years as Facilities Coordinator. Luckily Rick Pentland is still helping him out on the facilities committee. These two men are responsible for building renovations and the amazing sets you saw last season. They are always looking for more help, so if you are interested in the “behind the scenes” construction-part of theatre email facilities(at)


There is a vacant seat on the Board! The position of Secretary is currently open, so if you are interested in applying please email info(at) There is more information about the position on our website, too.


We would like to send a warm and heart-filled thank you to Jeanette Nall, who served as Treasurer since 2015. Jeanette created programs within the theatre that helped build relationships and gain sponsorships. She is leaving the Board of Directors with the theatre in good standing and financially prepared for the upcoming season. It was with her guidance and wisdom that Liberty Lake Theatre has been able to transition into more commonly known productions and Broadway Musicals!  While she no longer holds a voting seat, we are sure to see her continually involved in productions and programs. Thank you Jeanette!


Lastly, Jennifer Bergman, who has served the last consecutive ten years as President, is finally stepping off the Board of Directors. Our founder isn’t going too far, as she has again been selected as the Set Designer for the main stage productions of the upcoming season. Jennifer encourages everyone to try theatre at least once. “The stage isn't only a great place to build lasting bonds with new friends, but it also teaches you a lot about yourself!" ~ Jennifer Bergman


Auditions are posted in our Facebook page and website. Don’t forget to mark the dates on your calendar.