How To Install a Home Theatre

April 21, 2016 at 11:16 AM

Step 1: Read a book with your child. (Oh, you thought we meant a big screen, projector, and theatre seats? Nope! Read on to find out how you and your child can create a small home theatre and once-in-a-lifetime performances.) Some of the best books to act aloud are fairy tales or retellings of fairy tales. Check out these titles: 

   3 Little Pigs    The Stinky Cheese Man     Hans Christian Anderson     Brothers Grimm

Step 2: Talk about the book! Make sure to figure out the tricky words or phrases together, and don’t forget to talk about the emotions of the characters, the reasons for their actions, and what might happen to them after the book ends. Understanding character motivations helps your kids become better readers, and it helps them get into character!

Step 3: Gather blankets, chairs, boxes, etc. Set up a theatre in your living room with an actual stage (let your kid get up on a soapbox!) and curtains draped over chairs or using an extra dowel.

Step 4: Perform your play! Ask your child to do a dramatic reading of the book, or cast the whole family as characters and perform together! Don’t forget to make it fun by inviting grandparents or neighbors for an audience, serving popcorn during “intermission,” or adding costuming and sound effects!

Studies have found that children who read 20 minutes a day with their parents make significant gains in reading and other areas of academics over children who don’t read at home. Making a home theatre is a new way to spice up your nightly reading with your kids and get them performance-ready without letting on that they’re actually learning! Make it extra-special by asking your child to perform something he’s written at school, or by writing a script together!