New Year's Resolutions for Actors

January 04, 2016 at 4:38 PM

As we all know, the first of January brings many goals to life that were otherwise put off or made excuses for throughout the previous year. I hope you are successful in the New Year's resolutions you have set forth and reach your fitness goals, conquer that new diet, and figure out how to be less stressed. But as you are putting together that shiny new organizer or turning a fresh page on your desk calendar, I hope you can consider these reminders and exciting new challenges to try throughout the new year.

1. Audition for an unusual part. Whether you have acted before or not, the stage can be an exciting new adventure! Check out what productions are coming up. Talk about roles that are outside of your comfort zone. If a local theater has auditions, we encourage you and your family to try out! Sometimes the fondest memories come from playing a gumdrop during a summer camp play.  

2. Get involved with your friends! Creativity is everything for artists, but the lasting memories are those that come from experiences you gain with the ones you love and enjoy laughing with. Invite your friends to audition or volunteer with you.

3. Explore volunteer opportunities. There are so many great organizations dedicated to bringing the arts into communities and spaces that need them most. Volunteering is a remarkable way to give back and learn about yourself. If you know of something you want to help with at the theatre, let us know about it!

4. Don't forget the family. If a play looks exciting to you, your child(ren) may also enjoy rehearsing and performing with you.Readers' theatres are perfect for families that are heavily involved in other extracurricular activities.

5. Exercise your muscles. Training is important for any performer. Just as you go to the gym to keep your body in good shape, you have to work out your performance skills. School is a great foundation, but actors have to continually train their muscles to keep them strong and to keep growing. Sign up for a workshop, camp, or play in a day.  

6. Be ready. It all comes down to hard work and dedication. When an opportunity presents itself and the door is opened, be ready to go in and knock it out of the ballpark.

7. Be yourself and believe in yourself.

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