'Elevator' launches LLCT season

September 28, 2015 at 2:50 PM

The Liberty Lake Community Theatre opens its 2015-16 season with "The Elevator," a play that comments on the challenge of commitment amid modern choice. Written for Liberty Lake Theatre by local playwright Edith T. Clark-Vistilos, the romantic comedy will remind audiences of their hipster best friend who refuses to plan while he waits for passion to guide his decisions.
The play opens with Morgan and Jonathan, both new to Los Angeles, falling in love while stuck in an elevator. It's Jonathan's first day of his film career, and Morgan was stood up by the guy she moved for. Vulnerable and swept up in a shared romantic outlook, the pair fall in love in five hours.
"These are very romantic characters," said Nick Kittilstved, the play's director and male lead. "Having to deal with the reality of life not being as romantic as this one-off situation" is the crux of the play.
The story is driven by these characters' decisions and what the audience expects them to do. Jonathan expresses himself artistically, and Morgan is reluctant to settle. She wears a different shoe on each foot and earned two separate college degrees. 
"It's very indicative of Generation Y or the Millenials, where people don't have lives as pre-thought out or as pre-planned out as they would like," Kittilstved said.
The play follows the couple's struggle to maintain the excitement they shared in the elevator. Jonathan's best friend, Nathan, brings him back to reality. Julie strikes up a fling with the hotel manager, but her proclivity for choice sets up a much larger decision for her at the climax of the play. 
The elevator's confines and the focus on characters are highlighted by the simple staging. 
"I've done as much where we don't have to change stuff as much as possible," said Kittilstved. 
After the 20-minute elevator scene, the stage is divided into two locations that alternately host the action for the rest of the play, with a sidewalk running the width of the stage that is used in an occasional scene.