Thank you to Jean Simpson

October 19, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Since her supposed midlife crisis in 2009, Jean Simpson has not only developed characters in over nine productions with the Liberty Lake Theatre, but she has been an active member on the Board of Directors for two years.

Among the roles she filled on stage, Jean performed as a princess, pirate, nun, ghost, English novelist, witch and most fitting an actress. In each part she was able to add her own pizzazz bringing the characters to life, while also allowing each of the unique casts to get to know more about the individual behind the costume.

For years she was known as the cookie lady at Safeway, but for many she is known for much more. It seemed appropriate that in the last weeks of being an active board member, Jean implement a cookie station at the theatre. Next time you are at the theatre, we hope you are able to enjoy a freshly baked warm chocolate chunk cookie and think of Jean and how this amazing woman has impacted your life.

Simpson says the Liberty Lake Theatre has been a fun way to meet people and make a bigger family. Just because she isn't on the Board of Directors does not mean she won't still be a prominent figure at the theatre. We look forward to seeing her in many more productions, helping with events, and hearing her laugh while attending shows!