Sally Cotter and the Prisioner of Ala Katraz

By Christy Fredrickson, Donna Rice

Sally Cotter is back, once again dreaming that she is a student at the bewitching Frogbull Academy of Sorcery. But this time she's caught up in teenage drama as well as dealing with mysterious escaped convict Taurus Ford and battling her rival, Ursa Malaise, in the Gauntlet of Ire. Will she triumph at the expense of helping her best friends, Dave and Harmonica, with their romantic woes, all while evading Murder, death and his terrifying Demeaners?

Friday, July 13th at 7pm
Saturday, July 14th at 2pm
Saturday, July 14th at 7pm

Thursday, July 19th at 7pm
Friday, July 20th at 7pm
Saturday, July 21st at 2pm
Saturday, July 21st at 7pm

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