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Written By
Peter Kennedy

Directed By
Matt Ophardt

Whodunit, howdunit. When famous actress Primavera Donna throws a party and winds up dead, it’s up to the guests to figure out who and how, and why the hired help is so annoying. Shades of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, and Ten Little Indians. As the storm outside rages and the body count mounts, the guests must contend with interruptions, shocking revelations, tacky special effects, and the arrival of a mysterious visitor. Both the action and dialogue are fast-paced and the surprising conclusion leaves only one question: Who gets the movie rights? The cast includes a stuffy butler, a social butterfly, a playboy, a dotty chemist, an aristocrat of dubious origin, a nun who has taken a vow of silence, a part-time detective, a very French maid, and a mysterious stranger. A rapid-fire romp through the conventional drawing room mystery, easy to stage and well suited for ensemble comedy.


Justin - Eric Agnew
Hope Leslie Trite - Michelle Mitchell
Sandy Lynxe - Isaiah Estes
Doctor Jacqueline Hyde - Donita Taylor
Sir Tanley A Fraude - Kenneth Boles
Sister Bella Donna - Jean Simpson
Mr. E.S. Solved - Kevin Kuecken
Monique - Challys Resta
The Stranger - Jessica True

Sound - Matt Ophardt
Lights - Jennifer Ophardt

OCT 2009

Comedy, Mystery
75 minutes