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Written By
Ken Jones

Directed By
Jennifer Ophardt

Welcome to the set of This Home Restored, a nationwide home improvement television program that features the complete renovation of some of the grandest homes in America. The show's host, Brad Naylor, agrees to renovate a house once belonging to reputed mob boss, Vito Giovanni. This news is not greeted with much enthusiasm from Vito's nephew, Spats, and his airhead wife, Bubbles, who have returned to the house to search for some hidden loot. As they continue their search, Brad begins filming the show, but he quickly learns that he has his work cut out for him. Many locals believe the house is haunted, including all of the reputable contractors in the area. That leaves Brad with a less-than- competent crew, including electrical contractor Buzz Anderson and plumbing contractor Snake Rooter. Brad must also contend with the demands of the local historical society, which is headed up by the quacky sisters, Esther and Emma Baldwin. Luckily, Brad's former general contractor and local shop teacher, George 'Stumpy' Smith, and several of his best students offer to lend a hand. However, when people start seeing a 'ghost' wandering around the house, things go from bad to worse in a hurry as everybody begins scrambling around the house late one night trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. The many twists and turns in the plot lead to a surprise ending in which the ghost and other secrets are revealed.

Waitress/Customer 4/Miss Burgertown Backup 1/Spanky's Cafe Babe/Reporter/Angel Backup 1 - Vicki Weaver
Customer 1/Frankie - Isaiah Estes
Customer 2/Guido - Dan DiCicco
Receptionist/Customer 3/Miss Burgertown Backup 2/Fry by Night Superhero/Angel Backup 2/Reporter - Brenda Fuhriman
Artist/Onion World Girl - Jean Simpson
Customer 5/Reporter - Bryan Westby
Businessman/Treasure Burger Pirate/Reporter - Chase Feldmann
Sal Spumoni - Gary Edwards
Jan Sokowski - Michelle Hare
Danny O'Riley - Kevin Kuecken
Patty Ramone - Veronica Peck
Blue Collar Worker/Lawyer/Rick's Lunch on a Stick Clown - Geoff Julian

Director - Jennifer Ophardt
Choreography - Ilana Almquist
Lighting - Emily Powers
Costumes - Charlotte DiCicco

OCT 2010