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Deadpan (Musical)

Written By
Kevin Kelleher

Directed By
Nick Kittilstved

It's 1936, and hit songwriter Stanley Cordell has come to the "Il Toscana" nightclub to propose to his fiancee but instead discovers she's been having an affair behind his back. When she promptly dies, Stanley (along with everyone else) gets implicated in a murder investigation that's sure to uncover some unsettling, unforeseen, and downright unusual truths about the club's patrons. With four songs of cabaret-style music and comedy, this show delivers murder, dinner club chaos and fantastic memories!

James Edward Adams - Stanley Cordell
Greg Bretti - Porter
Tyler Degenstein - Maitre D'
Tracy Kendrick - Blondie Townsend
Nick Kittilstved - Doctor Helmut Holzkopf
Kevin Kueken - Clifford Magnus
Grace Nall - Scarlett Cagliari
Mary Jo Rudolf - Emma Bennett
Jana Siebrecht - Betty Halliford
Susan Vickrey-Morrow - Maestro

THUR, May 28 at 7pm
FRI, May 29 at 7pm
SAT, May 30 at 2pm and 7pm
THUR, June 4 at 7pm
FRI, June 5 at 7pm
SAT, June 6 at 2pm

90 minute Mystery, Comedy