Dracula: The Twilight Years (Readers Theatre)

By Tim Kelly

There’s no shortage of humor in this whimsical spoof of the ubiquitous vampire craze!  A group of students trekking through Europe has lost their way and find themselves unknowingly spending the night in the castle of Count Dracula!  Wouldn’t you know, it’s even a full moon!  They meet Bill, the vampire’s bankrupt and seemingly normal descendant, and his creepy housekeeper Moana.  Since the students are happy to pay for lodging, Bill sees hope financially.  However, Dracula won’t abide by his nephew’s wishes to leave the “guests” alone, and along with a werewolf, he gives all a night of hilarious madness!  The truth, though, is that the centuries have taken their toll, and Dracula’s bark is now worse than his bite.  Bill, while trying to stave off creditors and support the Gypsies in the village, has devoted himself to building up Dracula’s ego.  It all looks hopeless when Frau Wienerschnitzel arrives from the bank to foreclose on the castle and turn it into a pickle factory.  Luckily, Joan, a clever student, realizes the castle with a harmless Dracula could be turned into a goldmine of a tourist attraction...  DRACULALAND!

November 3 - November 11, 2017

Bill - Kylen Braileanu
Joan - Clara Gobin
Dracula - Christian Thomas
Moana - Kelli Tate
Frau Wienerschnitzel - Tristen Canfield
Mindy - Emily Cherbonneau
Ryan - Brianna Fudge
Lily - Birdie Bachman
Heather - Lauren Duer
Ken - Srikar Surapaneni
Jeff - Charlie Gobin
Sybil - Emma Brumwell
Lois - Giada Plummer
Louise - Sindhu Surapaneni
Lucy - Kadence Barcus
Werewolf - Claire Brumwell