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Goldilocks and the Three Pigs

Written By
Larry Damico

Directed By
Ken Boles

Goldilocks and the three... PIGS?!!! The action in this playful romp begins with Goldilocks dashing into the house of the three Chop brothers. Yes, these are the same three pigs who lost two of their houses to the Wolf, and they’re still emotionally scarred from the incident! With the help of their friendly neighbors, the Squeal sisters, they help Goldilocks hide from the witch who’s chasing her. But when the witch puts a spell on Goldi, forcing her to stay in the house, the pig sisters leave on a mission to find a potion that can act as a spell remover. Toss into this hilarious fractured fairy tale the Big Bad Wolf, his French weasel friend Oui Oui, two very different witches (who won’t leave you asking “Which witch?”), and one very confused — and somewhat snooty — storyteller and watch the mayhem that ensues! Mix in a classic chase scene and a little bit of a moral and the end concoction is a delightful take on a couple of old storybook standbys full of energy and enough humor and adventure for children of all ages!

Pork Chop – Essence Hiatt
Curly Chop  – Hudson Bruszer
Fuzzy Chop – Sam Martin
Rose Hips Squeal  - Elliana Hiatt
Patti Squeal – Emily Charbonneau
Laverne Squeal – Savannah Brumwell
Goldilocks – Elainea Hawley
Storyteller – Audren Bruszer
Wanda Witch – Jolena Young
Sandy Witch – Grace Nall
Wolf – Cary Pieroni
Weasel – Braeden Babcock
Chad – Nathan Goode
Little Red / Wood Nymph – Erin Martin
Wood Nymph – Emma Lawrence
Ken Boles - Director
Erika Boles - Stage Manager
Sean Boles - Lights
Chad Hull - Sound
Jill Boles - Costumes

JULY 2014

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