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Got It Made

Written By
Maureen Kane Berg and Thomas C. Berg

Directed By
Jennifer Bergman

You will leave the theater whistling after seeing this musical comedy with its witty lyrics and catchy melodies. Got it Made recalls the classic American musical, but it also updates the genre by using a wide variety of music (from Broadway to reggae) and by telling a thoroughly modern story. Molly is a twenty- or thirty-something, hoping to make her mark in the real estate development business. Her assistant, Freddy, is a loyal employee and friend, but romantically challenged. Her friend, Chloe, is a glamorous, high-powered fashion photographer who has just returned from Milan to learn her identity has been stolen. Molly talks Freddy and Chloe into doing a “stakeout” to catch the identity thief. While Freddy and Chloe find a perfectly shallow kind of love, Molly’s investigation leads her back to her own company. It all gives rise to fun, surprises, and the requisite happy ending in this send-up of office politics, corporate scandal and modern romance.


Jennifer Miles - Molly Merriweather
Kevin Kuecken - Freddy Sweetbriar
Leslie Larson - Chloe Crystalson
Cary Pieroni - Norvall Chitwood III
Dan DiCicco - Earl Cheeseman
Judy Black - Rhonda Sturgill
Lono Hagmann - Officer Owen Trüsty
Makayla Radmacher - Jackie Frieze
Ethan Hagmann - Howie Posenecker

Musical Director - Pamela Brownlee
Choreographer - Vicki Weaver

May 2013