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Hit the Road, Jack

Written By
Pat Cook

Directed By
Jennifer Bergman

“Accidents will happen,” Jack Gunderson is fond of saying at work. “That’s not a good motto, Dad,” his son Trevor keeps telling him. He has a point, since the two run the Gunderson Driving Academy and especially because the business is just about to be closed down. When Officer Monica Palmer warns the father and son about their imminent loss unless they shape up, they protest she is exaggerating. “Your last student sideswiped a parade!” she points out. As if this weren’t enough on their plate, the Gundersons also have to contend with a lovesick student, a bank vice-president to plays the horses and Mac, a sinister character who only Jack can see. Trevor is at his wit’s end when one of their teachers quits, but quickly recovers when Joyce, a real cutie-pie, shows up. “Now what can lil ol’ me do for lil ol’ you?” he pants. Just when things seem to be picking up, the bank next door gets robbed. And guess who the major suspects are? You guessed it. Or have you? Lines fly faster than fleeing pedestrians when the police arrive along with a news crew. And just who IS Mac, anyway?

Comedy, Mystery

Lillian Merton - Judy Black
Opal Dearborn - Jean Simpson
Trevor Gunderson - Stephen Holcomb
Jack Gunderson - Lono Hagmann
Officer Monica Palmer - Allison Leyh
Joyce Nivens - Michelle Hare
Mac McKendrick - Ethan Hagmann
Melinda (Graham) Bremer - Vicki Weaver
Chief 'Milt' Noonan - Dan DiCicco
Flo Delaney - Kaylee Plumb
Teri Higham - Angela Waugh

Lights/Sound - Kevin Kuecken
Set Design - Jennifer Ophardt
Set Designer - Kevin Kuecken

Oct 2012