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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Adapted By
Vera Morris

Directed By
Jennifer Bergman

Adapted from Washington Irving, here is a spooky show alive with hilarious action and fun. It begins when Ichabod Crane, a lightly goofy schoolmaster, comes to the farming community of Sleepy Hollow with all his worldly possessions. He’s looking for a good life and a wealthy wife who will supply it. Once he sets eyes on the local beauty, Katrina Van Tassel, he’s sure his dream will come true. Unhappily for Ichabod, Katrina has a boyfriend who’s extremely jealous... the boisterous Brom Bones. To complicate matters the graveyard is haunted by a small army of restless spirits, including the most famous phantom of all, the Headless Horseman. At a party, Ichabod proposes marriage to Katrina, but is booted out by Brom and forced to make his way home through a terrible storm. In the dark, there’s something shadowy and towering intent on taking Ichabod’s life — the Headless Horseman! Poor Ichabod has to outrun the galloping phantom! Does he? No one knows for sure because the schoolmaster is never seen again. Suitable for all age groups, this is an easy to produce stage version of an exciting tale.

Nov 4 - 12, 2016


Ichabod Crane - Lunden Nugen
Katrina Van Tassel - Shandra Haggerty
Greta - Gracie Carlson
Wilda Van Twiller & Phantom Indian Chief - Kylynn Fuhriman
Fay Van Foost & Phantom Woman in White - Sydney Wasteney
Johanna Van Tropp & Phantom Pirate - Alisha Pabby
Britt Van Twiller - Savannah Brumwell
Widow Van Doorn - Vicki Weaver
Mrs. Van Tassel - Erica Smith
Mr. Trenkler - Richard Nugen
Mrs. Van Hudson - Olga Maria
Farmer Stuyvesant - James Sanders
Brom Bones - Peter Reese
Yost - Emily Charbonneau
The Headless Horseman - Don Russell