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A Little Princess (Readers Theatre)

Written By
Edith Weiss

Directed By
Grace Nall (& Jennifer Ophardt)

Sara, who has spent her whole life in India with her father, arrives at Miss Minchin's Seminary for Young Ladies. Her life here brings jealousy from the other children and hostility from Miss Minchin. There are many turns and surprises as she grows up, and the audience will delight in the wonders of the ending.

Alicia Townsend (14) -- Melchisedec
Mary Jo Rudolf -- Miss Minchin
Melodie Morgan -- Miss Amelia
Dean Bethmann -- Mr. Barrow
Freja Braa (9) -- Becky
Makaila Delaney (9) -- Sara Crewe
Melanie Delaney -- Mariette
Emily Bettermann (10) -- Julia
Lizzie Ophardt (9) -- Ermengarde
Rebecca Ophardt (7) -- Aurora
Brooke Giachett (14) -- Emma
Mikenzie Delany (7) -- Lottie
Rachel Kimberley (11) --Lavinia
Madi Barton (10) --Jessie
Laurel Burgner -- Monsieur Dufarge
Devynne Christiansen -- Cook
Sydney Morgan (15) -- Jamie
Nick Kittilstved -- Ram Dass
Amy Bethmann (13) -- Nora Carmichael
Caitlin Keller (15) -- Dani Carmichael
Elizabeth Laws -- Mrs. Carmichael

March 2015

75 minute Drama