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The Masked Canary (Musical)

Written By
Tim Kelly

Music By
Arne Christiansen

Lyrics By
Ole H. Kittleson

Directed By
Emily Nichols

Amanda has come to Arizona to find work to provide for her daughter.  Alas, the former society belle must take to Tombstone’s legendary Birdcage Theatre.  In order to protect her identity, Amanda disguises herself when singing, becoming known as "The Masked Canary."  However, Flora Courtland is determined to drive "the shame of Tombstone" out of town.  Our devious villain, Judge Mortimer Harshly, and his partner, Peachy Jamm, discover Amanda’s secret and decide to blackmail our heroine.  The hilarious action is set in motion when Amanda’s grown daughter arrives in town with Lonely Wolf, a Harvard-educated scout, and the manly Lt.  Pete Bogg.  A comical group of uproarious characters add to the mayhem:  Fifi, the French maid from Bisbee; Wing Tip, the Oriental philosopher; and the ever-crabby Cantankerous Ol’ Timer.

Musical Comedy

Amanda Goodsort - Judy Black
Judge Harshly - Nick Kittilstved
Fifi the Maid - Michelle Hare
Flora Courtland - Julie Anne Young
Peachy Jamm - Jana Ward
Little Victoria - Marcella Summers
Lt. Pete Bogg - Chris Bastible
Lonely Wolf - Kevin Kuecken
Old Timer - Dan DiCicco
Sidekick - Brittany Sweeney
Wing Tip - Daniel Chambers
Unknown Woman / Dancer - Charmaine Peterson
Dancer / Society Lady -Jolena Young
Dancer - Vienna Thomas

Director - Emily D. Nichols
Choreographer - Vienna Thomas
Set Design - Rick Pentland
Lighting/Sound - Grace Nall
Lighting/Sound - James Sanders

April - May 2014