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A Memory for Christmas

Written By
Nick Kittilstved

Directed By
Nick Kittilstved

World War II is in its closing moments. To the children of a small orphanage, this comes as little consolation when their caretaker, Mary Ann, learns that her husband was one of the many fallen on the beaches of Normandy months earlier. Lost in the tragedy of this event, one child, Agnes, a bookish and aspiring playwright, decides to write a play about Mary Ann's husband that she can stage as her Christmas present. To do this, she will have to interview his friends and family to learn everything she can and bring together all the children from the orphanage to bring her words to life. It is a time of sorrow and pain for the old and the young, but out of the ruins of a horrible tragedy may come new friendships and from the memories of the past may come the essence of love.

October 10th
at 6pm
October 11th at 6pm

December 9 - 17, 2016


Agnes: 15 – 16 years old. Female. 257 Lines.
Matthew: 13 years old. Male. 196 Lines.
Gayle: 11 – 12 years old. Female. 93 Lines.
Gertrude: 9 – 10 years old. Female. Garfield’s twin sister. 47 Lines.
Garfield: 9 – 10 years old. Male. Gertrude’s twin brother. 70 Lines.
Timothy: 6 years old. Male. 24 Lines

Mary Ann: 30s. Female. 119 Lines.
Lucille: 60 – 70. Female. 106 Lines.
Martin: Late 20s. Male. 41 Lines.
Frank: 50s. Male. 13 Lines.
Martha: 50s. Female. 22 Lines.