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On Having Good Fortune & Other Worthwhile Things

Written By
Nicholas Kittilstved

Directed By
Mikayla Ludiker

Edgar and Ethel make their living as two con artists at a local circus posing as fortune tellers. Their world is turned upside down when a seemingly legitimate fortune teller comes into their tent and shares with them a dire prophecy that will end in one of their deaths. From there, it is a race to make sure the prophecy comes true for the other person before it is too late; unless, of course, the two con artists themselves are the ones being deceived.

March 3 - 12, 2016

Ethel - Samantha Steyart
Edgar - Nick Kittilstved
Willa - Clara Gobin
Carabon - Kris Pockell
Old Woman - Mary Jo Rudolf
Edmond - James Sanders
Woman/Patron - Jennifer Ophardt