Written By
Dan Neidermyer

Directed By
Sandi Wasteney & The Teen Board

Pinocchio talks, walks, and ends up getting into big trouble when two foppish scallywags, Candlewyck and Sterling, latch onto the stringless puppet and cart him off to the circus. With a little help from a friendly clown, Pinocchio outsmarts the rapscallions only to find himself alone on the streets at night with a group of bullies approaching. Pinocchio learns real fast that running away from Gepetto to explore the world was very dangerous and when the Blue Fairy saves Pinocchio from being chopped into firewood, Pinocchio vows to return to Gepetto and stay in school. Simply sparkling, this play is easily produced on a bare stage with minimal props and costumes. Production notes also include suggestions for spontaneous audience participation. Area staging.

June 9 - June 17,  2017