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Princess and the Pea (Reader's Theatre)

Written by Michele L. Vacca

Directed by Jeanette Nall

An ingeniously hilarious and highly entertaining version of Hans Christian Andersen's very short story. Multiple professional productions such as those at Casa Manana in Fort Worth, numerous productions by all sizes of community and academic drama groups attest to the universal, enduring appeal of this very popular, long-time favorite of theatre companies and schools.

Emily Wartinger - Prince Valiant
Sydney Wasteney - Princess Olivia of Bolivia
James Sanders - King Maximillian
Faith Murphy - Old Queen Maude, the Queen Mother
Rachel Murphy - Lady in waiting to Old Queen Maude
Elisabeth Ophardt - Donald Dunce, a squire
Julie Thompson - Esmeralda Smythe, a gypsy
Maddison Barton - Lady Hildegarade, lady in waiting to Princess Olivia
Emelia Tillman - Princess Minerva the Marvelous of Marvy
Rebbecca Ophardt - Princess Diana Dingaling of Dingdong
Birdie Bachman - Princess Stella the Strong of Slobovia
Baer Bachman - Court Jester
Isabelle Hernandez - Princess Beaulah the Beautiful of Burgundy

April 8 - 16, 2016