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The Reluctant Dragon

By George C. Fosgate

Directed By
Vicki Weaver

The Reluctant Dragon is a peaceful fellow who likes tea, poetry and an afternoon snooze. Mischievous children stir the villagers to call in the famous dragon slayer, Saint George. A young lad befriends both of the "adversaries" and arranges a meeting between them. The comic battle that ensues provides an entertaining climax and a happy ending.


March 22-23, 2013

Jon--Peyton Cooley
Ulrick--Trey Julian
Ermengarde--Vicki Normington
Aelfrick--Geoff Julian
Jennifer--Karen Krug
Dragon--Darla Krug
St. George--Carey Pieroni
Heinrick--Kevin Kuecken
Grindl--Heather Graham
Stephen--Stephen Holcomb
Meg--Makayla Rademacher
Anne--Tiffany Hill
Ben--Taft Julian
Danielle--Amy Krug
Narrator--Grace Nall

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