Sally Cotter and the Prisoner of Ala Katraz

By Dean O’Carroll

Directed by Angie Hagans and Sandi Reed Wasteney

Sally Cotter is back, once again dreaming that she is a student at the bewitching Frogbull Academy of Sorcery. But this time she's caught up in teenage drama as well as dealing with mysterious escaped convict Taurus Ford and battling her rival, Ursa Malaise, in the Gauntlet of Ire. Will she triumph at the expense of helping her best friends, Dave and Harmonica, with their romantic woes, all while evading Murderdeath and his terrifying Demeaners? (This play has a prequel called Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone.

July 13 – 21, 2018

Sally - Rachel Kimberley
Ursa Malaise - Kylie Johnson
Professor Shiftia Shape - Mia Hunt
Dave - Ryan Genteman
Slobbers/Wormring - Lauren Duer
Harmonica - Sydney Wasteney
Professor Albatross Underdrawers - Travis Hunt
Dr. Acula Nosferat - Alena Wilson
Red Bull/Taurus Ford - Lillian Soth
Reubenon Ryebread - Liam Deonier
Lord Murderdeath - Natalie Hunt
The Four Humors Man - Abigail Staben
Powder Blue - Emily Wartinger
The Stinx - Jaysa Johnson
Kermberus 1 - Reese Rasmussen
Kermberus 2 - Jade Rasmussen
Kermberus 3 - Orion Hunt
The Care Wolf - Maggie Matthes
Crazylegs Mcgillicuddy - Zack Shapland
Sabertooth Underdrawers - Talis Kinnison (Stage Manager)
Tascadera Punk - Teagan Daniels
Crookamungus Filcher - Brooke Daly
Dubliner Doggerel - Marissa Deonier
Mynersva Mcgreatestpain - Vicky Daniels
Oddity The Cabana Elf - Henry Vaughan
Mickey - Gabi May
Mikey - Macy Thornton
Selena Strangelove - Emelia Tilleman
Brise Coeur - Taylor Rasmussen
Les Beginnagen - Rylan Rivera
Rong She - Corrine Scheibmeir
Roderick Gonnadie - Noah Hunt (Prof. Albatross Underdrawers Understudy)
Newton Throttlebottle - William Hutyler
Ensemble - Nick Goode (Dave Understudy)
Ensemble - Danielle Jones