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Written By
Don Zolidis

Directed By
Kenneth Boles

Not in the mood for homework? Let Narrator 1 and 2 take you on a literary journey, and watch as Homer's Odyssey is transformed into the style of Dr. Seuss. Complete with a singing Cyclops ("Oh the sights you can spy with only one eye!"), the slaughter of the suitors acted out with teddy bears, and the sorceress Circe serving up crew members with a side of green eggs, The SeussOdyssey is a hilarious and speedy reimagining of the classic epic.

Homer/Crew Member 7/Poseidon - Christopher Brendt
Crew Member 6/Telly (Tina) - Deven Brown
Crew Member 1/Crew Member 5/Crew Member 11 - Gracie Carlson
Villager 1/Suitor 6/Ajax - Peyton Cooley
Crew Member 2/Crew Member 4/Crew Member 12 - Alyssa Garcia
Suitor 4/Siren/Charybdis - Sidney Gardner
Villager 4/Siren - Greer Greenup
Teacher - Debbie Griffith
Odysseus - Eric Grossman
Suitor 5/Cyclops/Scylla - Lin Johnson
Narrator 2/ - DJ Krug
Athena/Circe - Emily Krug
Villager 3/Siren - Karen Krug
Student/Crew Member 8/Lotus Head Laura - Shandra McGoldrick
Suitor 3/Crew Member 10/Tresius - Jordan Pasols
Narrator 1/ - Teresa Roberson
Penelope/Calypso - Kaitlynne Tisdale
Suitor 2/Winds - Karlee Tisdale
Villager 2/Siren - Karen Weaver
Suitor 1/Crew Member 3/Crew Member 9/Aelous - Olivia Whitely

Director - Ken Boles
Costumes - Jill Boles
Lighting - Sean Boles

JULY 2010