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Hood, of Sherwood

By Robert Mauro

Directed By
Kevin Kuecken

Here’s a wacky little comedy that requires only a few props and a little rehearsing. Inspired by the story Robin Hood, this hilarious plot deals with a silly bandit, a fair maid, and an evil prince. There’s even a sheriff and enough merry men and guards to provide as large or small a cast as desired. The merry men and guards could be females dressed as men. And, it’s all played for laughs. You see, it seems Robin can’t quite remember if he and his merry men “rob from the poor and give to the rich” or vice versa. This leads to a riotous ransom, a ridiculous robbery, funny dialogue, comic chases, and even some lively madrigals!

One Act | Classic Comedy

April 1 - 4, 2009

Robin - Coral Rankin
Allen A Dale - Samamuel Brubabaker
Friar Tuck - Shaylin Pennestri
Little John - Madison Goldfefeldt
Look Outs - Raeaena Rankin
Richman - Matt Ophardt
Maid Marion - Melissa Morgan
Prince John - Matt Ophardt
Sheriff - Kevin Kuecken
Merry Men/Guards - Georgia Goldfefeldt, Ava Duggan (4), Haily Pennestri, Ahna Duggan, Kaitlyn Mcshane

Stage Manager - Jennifer Ophardt
Rehearsal Assistant - Nicole Gimlen