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Silence is Golden

Murder-Myster Dinner & Silent Auction

Directed By
Erica Boles

The Silence is Golden Foundation is devoted to finding a cure for a little known disease called Silence-a-phobia. Lolita Evans the founder is holding a major fundraiser to raise money for research. She has invited several guest speakers, and entertainment for the evening. The question is who invited the mob, and why are the undercover cops at the event, security perhaps? The real question is, what are the real motives behind the event?

Lolita Evans - Vicki Weaver
Joe Tuesday - Ken Boles
Arthur Mundane - Isaiah Estes
Violet - Erika Boles
Melvin Biggleworth - Eric Agnew
Brittany Boone - Roni Peck
Sandra Smith - Michelle Mitchell
Vinnie Peironi - Jerry Uppinghouse
Bobbie McFarland - Dan DiCicco
Veronica Perry - Kelly Dengel
Theresa C. Scott - Breanna Mader
Sammy Libertine - Eli Gonzalez

August 2011