Surprise, It’s a Banana!

Written and Directed by Nick Kittilstved

TA bank heist comedy starring a group of white collar criminal youngsters fighting back against the wealthy capitalist that took everything from them...and taught them everything they know. In a universe full of deadly bananas and baguettes, be prepared for a surprise.

Constance "Conn" Crumb and "Western" Wes West are teenage, white-collar criminals from the underground group CCUTE (Coalition of Criminals, Undesirables, and Teens Emancipated.) When a close friend is kidnapped by a ruthless capitalist from their past, the CCUTE must pull off their biggest heist yet. Along the way they'll encounter a bumbling banker, a degrading female character, a hacker with a penchant for pop culture, a British kid, and an unnerving, half-mute henchman. Will they succeed and save their friend? Will they learn something valuable along the way? Will they make sense of what bananas have to do with this plot synopsis...?

October 9 - 17, 2017