Show Info

Take Five

Writted By
Westley M Pederson

Directed By
Tiffany Hill

Imagine you are an actor on opening night trying to perform on a set that isn't completed. Then one actor doesn't show up, a man from the audience uses your stage phone to argue with his wife, the props either don't work or are missing, the lighting and sound cues are off and two silly, incompetent stagehands do their worst. That's only the beginning of this award-winning show which actually caused a woman in one audience to fall from her chair in laughter. This delightful play is filled with surprises and zany characters and is ideal for competition, fund-raising and pure entertainment.

James Sander - Alex
Dani Read - Sharon
Mandee Mittler - Gladys
Ken Boles - Mike
Seneca Hill - Lester
Jerry Uppinghouse - Greg

Stage Manager - Alyssa Jordan
Lights/Set Designer - Rick Pentland
Sound - Jon Mittler

SAT, September 27, 2014


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