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Twain's Tales (Readers Theatre)

Written By
David Taylor London

Directed By
Ken Boles

Twain’s Tales includes five short stories by the master American storyteller — “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” “Science vs. Luck,” “The Joke That Made Ed’s Fortune,” “The Belated Russian Passport” and “Is He Living or Is He Dead?” — as well as the fence-painting chapter from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The play takes place on the front porch of a general store in what could be Hannibal, Missouri in the late 1800s. The five locals — the storekeeper and his wife, a printer, a reporter and a riverboat pilot — spend the morning entertaining each other by seeing who can spin the tallest tale.

Mark Hartley as Otis Holloway
Jeanette Nall as Emily Brady
Jana Siebrecht as Virgina Holloway
Greenup as Floyd Warren
Tim Maldonado as Andrew Rile

Nov 21 at 7:30PM
Nov 22 at 3:00PM
Nov 22 at 7:30PM

60 minutes