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Well Written

Written By
Tim Larson

Directed By
Jennifer Ophardt

Stage Managed By
Rick Pentland

In Well Written we are introduced to a psychologist. This Doctor is no ordinary doctor, but he is responsible for helping all sorts of writers. He is known for helping these authors deal with the peculiar sort of problems that accompany the profession, such as writer's block, neurosis, and crisis’s of self-esteem. As the play progresses, it becomes evident that not only is the Doctor becoming more and more frustrated and discouraged with his job, but also that the writers that he helps are ones who have already obtained a certain amount of literary status. Notable figures such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Stephen King are dependent on this Doctor. Towards the middle of the play, after a particularly frustrating session with Earnest Hemingway, the Doctor decides to call it quits. However, one last patient bursts through the door, demanding the Doctor's assistance. He reveals that he is "Anonymous," the author of an untold number of works. His problems are far worse than those that came before him, but through this profound ending, he, the Doctor and all literary works throughout time are saved.

Sheri Beck - Doctor
James Sanders - William Shakespeare
Isaiah Estes - Earnest Hemingway
Brittany Sweeney - Christine
Jason Young - Anonymous
Dan DiCicco - Stephen King
Jean Simpson - Jane Austen

SAT, September 28, 2013

45 minutes